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Changes -  New Ordering System

Welcome to the Market Place for Asher Farm!!

The Goal - Offering our FRESH products to you for easy pick up, as fresh as possible.

HOW IT WORKS: We will be open ordering from Friday to Sunday every other week head to our SHOP page, and place your order through our secure and safe shopping cart. The cart is set to only allow FARM PICKUP. Once orders are received we close ordering so we can prepare and fill them,  pick up days are set for the following Friday afternoon, and Saturday morning. You just ride out, and your order is filled and waiting for you!! Same as a Walmart Pickup order!!! This allows us to offer items with a short shelf life, like fresh sourdough bread, cookies,cakes, and candies on a regular basis, at their freshest.

Featured Product


Our all natural deodorant is made with specific essential oils to target the bacteria that causes body odor. So it works without exposing you to harsh chemicals or unnatural, unsafe products. We have a regular strength and an Extra Strength. Check it out!!






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Ray Ray Oil

An anti-inflammatory powerhouse!!!




Light and silky texture, with super hydrating properties. Eases fine lines and nourishes your skin with the goodness of our amazing goat's milk!! Is excellent for sensitive skin conditions and heals chaffed skin over night!! (Personal experience) Its lightly scented with Lemongrass, Lavender & a touch of Patchouli Essential oils, which ADD to the benefits of this lotion on your skin!!! We also make unscented Goat's Milk Lotion for extra sensitive skin and smells.





Don't forget our line includes:  Body butters, Natural Deodorant, Ray-Ray Oil, Goat Milk Sugar Shower Scrubs that are a wonderful enhancement to a nice hot shower. They do more than just clean and soften your skin, they exfoliate your skin too.

The Market offers many fresh, natural products to the local community and online. We have fresh free-range eggs available, for local pickup only.